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Complete Utility Services Provider

Design/Engineering — Feasibility Studies — Inspections — Drafting — GPS Survey/GIS Mapping — Data Warehousing — Drop Management — Utility Locating

Software as a Service (Saas) Mobility Platforms

FieldSource — Site Survey, Incident Investigation, Custom Forms

DropSource — Order Intake to Customer Lighting

BuildSource — End-to-End Construction & Invoicing Management


Incorporated in 2019, UtiliSource is built on 40 years of utility construction experience and more than 25 years of communication engineering experience.  Our expertise combined with the latest technology anables us to offer best in class Design/Engineering, Drafting, Inspection, GIS and other Services. UtiliSource customizes to fit each client, ensuring the best delivery possible. Whether we are collecting the location of current assets, updating plant records or conducting a complete greenfield design, UtiliSource has the resources needed to get the job done while building ongoing relationships with the client through long term services like geodatabase warehousing, maintenance and support.

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Utility Design and Engineering


GIS Mapping


Railroad Permitting


Utility Locating Services


GPS Services


Drafting Services

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